Trust me I love things for less. Its one of the reason I no longer find that Apple’s premium is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Macbook Air, Pro, iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

So buying electronics at the lowest price is something easy there are sites like and others to find the deal of the day for you.

But there should be limit on how cheap you go. Sub $400 is not the place for back to school budget laptop. That might be able to get you a laptop with either Intel Pentium(Yes, they still make those) or AMD CPUs (which in my opinion are worse on performance than Intel’s line of CPUs), possibly 4GB RAM, and few other old specs.


You want these things to last for few years. Laptops should run you for up to 3 years may be 5 if you took great care of it. Desktops around 4-5 years(although my desktop is dying from Java installation problem T.T).

With that said most Apple products can run you for 5 at best, but it still isn’t worth extra $100’s.

Most Windows computers have what it takes to beat Macbooks and iMacs. The only problem is that Windows OEMs(a.k.a. the Manufacturers) don’t put in the efforts(or at least it doesn’t look they do).


Most students should be fine for 3 years with “budget laptop” around $700-$900. Unless you absolutely need Macbook for multi-media editing, need UNIX laptop(more on that later) or have money to burn.


If you asked me for back to school laptops.. I would recommend Samsung Series 5 Ultra or Sony Vaio T Series



In less than 2 months, Windows 8 will be out. That means a flood of Windows 8 laptops and tablets will fight with their price tag to capture some market. Then there is the Surface… The tablet that everyone is impressed by.

So unless you in place where you have to buy a computer, don’t buy one


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